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Effective Elevator Maintenance by LIFT DESIGN is a crucial element in sustaining a safe, reliable and functional elevator system. LIFT DESIGN can help protect your investment with preventative maintenance programs to meet your elevator\'s needs.


LIFT DESIGN\'s number one goal is providing customers with cost effective elevator repair solutions while minimizing downtime. Our repair specialist provide repairs for all types of elevator: Gearless, Traction, Electric and Hydraulic plus Platform models.


LIFT DESIGN excels in elevator modernization, from controller upgrades or cab and car station renovations, to the replacement of your entire elevator system. LIFT DESIGN offers a variety of custom solutions to tailored to your specific needs.


LIFT DESIGN is a crucial element in optimising your elevator system requirements. LIFT DESIGN can help protect your investment with latest technology and decades of experience.


LIFT DESIGN team members have combined experience covering 90 years. We are ready and waiting to come out and give onsite or phone/email consultantancy and reccomendations for Elevators to suit your Access situation.


Inspections from our technicians with 30 years experience makes sure you have the safety and standards conformity that are required for Lifts in Australia.

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